Rex Salter / Lead Guitar & Vocals
Growing up in the Bay Area, California, Rex developed a passion for classic and hard rock at an early age. He started playing piano at age 7 and when the metal era began to emerge Rex gravtitated to the guitar. "I was mezmorized by what guys like Eddie Van Halen, Vivian Campbell and George Lynch were doing. No one had ever seen people play with such speed, dexterity, and brilliance. I had to learn how to play like that."

Rex's musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,The Who and Pink Floyd. "The album rock of the 70's had a huge impact on my songwriting." Rex studied music theory throughout high school and college, but finding his way as a metal guitarist at CU in Boulder proved difficult. "Everybody was into The Dead and jam bands, and metal was dead. Grunge was awesome, but it was no longer cool to shred."

As Dave Matthews began to grow in popularity, Rex started focusing on his acoustic skills and song writing. "I spent years weaving acoustic songs into my writing and live playing." Never wanting to let go of his roots in hard rock and metal, Rex started playing 7-string and joined a local metal band. It was during this period in 2009 when Rex played a couple shows with OfDavid. "A couple guys in the band I was playing in knew Tony and the guys in OfDavid. Tony and I talked a couple times in between our sets, which turned out to be a great connection."

In the fall of 2010, Rex was asked to join forces with the ministry ‘Of David’. "My whole life has changed since I began playing for the lord, and to be part of a ministry that not only celebrates our lord and savior Jesus Christ, but to pay tribute to the father of worship music, King David? Truly an honor."