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Of David, a hard driving rock band from Denver Colorado, may not be on Billboard, but they are well known in the local music scene. Tony Delk, vocals and composition, and Rex Salter, lead guitar, have been at this togethr for a while and like any band have had there challenges and their successes. Having recently changed up the rhythm section Tony and Rex took Of David right to the studio for some long awaited recording sessions for the up-coming EP release later this spring. Of David has been keeping fans updated with tracks of the upcoming album which we think is awesome and deserves your time. 

Of David recently returned to the local stage with a powerhouse performance at the Toad Tavern last Friday and is hitting the stage again tonight at Casselmans Bar and Venue. Of David will be joining Random Hero and several other bands for a benefit for Judie’s House. 

What makes Of David such a gem in the Denver scene is formost there big sound and driving message. Many would classify them as christian rock. We classify as good old rock and roll with a good message. 

A little about Tony Delk - 

Tony collaborated on new material with his new Christian friends, which led to forming a band. ‘Eye To Eye’ was the first band formed and after several members coming and going, ‘Of David’ was formed. Tony relies solely on his faith and prayer in creating ‘Of David’s’ unique sound. His desire is that ‘Of David’s’ music and ministry will inspire and bless not only church members, but also those who don’t know God. 

A little about Rex Salter - 

Rex’s musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,The Who and Pink Floyd. “The album rock of the 70′s had a huge impact on my songwriting.” Rex studied music theory throughout high school and college, but finding his way as a metal guitarist at CU in Boulder proved difficult. “Everybody was into The Dead and jam bands, and metal was dead. Grunge was awesome, but it was no longer cool to shred.”


Local Denver rockers “Of David” join Our City Radio. 
Local Denver rockers “Of David” join Our City Radio. 

Of David is a force to be reckoned with. Members Tony Delk (Lead Singer), Rex Salter (Lead Guitarist) far surpass the title of gifted. Currently unsigned, Of David is in studio working on their first LP Project. They anticipate it to hit shelves soon. Of David may be on the heavy side of rock, but truthfully there is no Genre that best describes their sound. Are they loud? Yes! Are they safe for all generations? Yes! Do they present a good message? Absolutely! Of David brings integrity and heart to all their performances and their message is always clear. 

Of David has recently teamed with Dawn Wanser, who is managing the band, while heading another local powerhouse, A Caretakers Wish, a charitable organization granting wishes for those who find them selves giving selflessly to care for those who can’t care for them selves. The synergy that has come together from this union of spirit and message are setting the stage for Of David to find it’s stride and become a main stream player in the Denver and National music scene. Tune in and hear why Of David will be a name you will not forget.


 OF DAVID Chosen To Play Heaven Fest 2011 

Out of 100+ musicians performing at Heaven Fest 2011, only 5 were asked to perform, all others either submitted applications, or were added by vote. Out of the 5 bands asked to perform, one of them was Denver, Colorado’s own Christian Rock Band, OF DAVID. 

OF DAVID have had the privilege of opening for national acts such as Jason Gray, Transform D.J.’s, L.A. Guns, Brighton Boulevard 
and Random Hero, leaving them no reserve to playing at large venues. 
OF DAVID’s previous EP was released in 2008, followed by the release of their single ‘Break‘ which is already streaming throughout the internet as well as available for a FREE download at the band’s website. 
OF DAVID is currently in the process of compiling new material for an anticipated CD release later in 2011.


Of David with The MIC 
KMA Entertainment

The Mic: What got this band together and started in 
this business? 
Of David: We all share the same drive and desire in what we're doing and what we have to say. We didn't just meet and throw a band together. Being that we are a Christian band, we honestly believe that we were put in each others lives to make this happen. For us, doing what we do isn't just a fun thing. It's something we have to do. 

The Mic:Who writes and produces all the material for 
the band? 
Of David: Tony writes most of the lyrics but all of us play an even role in the production of the songs. 

The Mic:The band played in front of or with any acts 
our readers would know from the Mainstream? 
Of David: We are playing quite a bit in the Denver Colorado area as of now. We have shared the stage with several, very talented, local bands. As of yet we have not shared the stage with any major acts but are working on changing that! 

The Mic:Where can people access your music on the web? 
Of David:Our music can be found at or on 

The Mic:Any embarrassing moments on stage? 
Of David: Yes we have has some "stellar" moments. Nothing that would make the news, but we have had our share of, cables getting yanked out of instruments, totally forgetting the lyrics mid song, flip flopping verses, or flat out trashing a song. I'm sure there will be many more to come as well. 

The Mic:Any good stories you want to tell us? 
Of David: When the guys were talking about going into the studio, Tony stated that he would spend the week living on nothing but “Goober” if he had too. Hed stated that was all fine and dandy, but he will eat meat at least one meal a day. 

Hed has stated that he has never had “Goober” and that it must be a South Texas thing, this is where the “Goofy” part comes in. This has become such a joke back and forth between the two that jars of “Goober” even showed up in the studio and you will actually see them in the videos. Check out the “Day 1 in Studio” video on the main page, and you will understand more of why we are going back and forth about “Goober”. 
Tony says, “Oh yeah…and we have Goobers for Josh”. 
Hed, being the meatetarian that he is says, “I’ll eat whatever, but one meal a day…I’m eat’n meat…Since you have made such a big deal about the Goobers…I will never, ever, eat Goober…It’s not happen’n.” 

This is a never ending tale that will probably continue for many years to come as Tony will try to get Hed to eat “Goober” and Hed’s quest to avoid it at all costs. 

The Mic:Who is the bands musical influence? 
Of David: There are so many to name but some of the more prominent ones are, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Demon Hunter, and Decipher Down. 

The Mic:How did the band get together? 
Of David: We come from all walks of life and, literally, all over the nation. We feel that we were brought to Colorado to make this thing happen. We got together at different times and places. A friend of a friend, being at a show, working together. Ultimately, it was God that brought us together. 

The Mic:What is your musical background like? 
Of David: We have all had some instruction at one time or another but most of what we do and our ability comes from self teaching and practice. 

The Mic:Any other members in your family that are 
Of David: We all have family members that did one thing or another with music. Anything from playing the clarinet in a high school band to singing in a national choir. 

:What is the TOP reason why you want to play 
Of David: All of us feel like we have been called to do this. It's almost an instinctive drive that we can't turn off. 

The Micwhat's your stance on file swapping? 
Of David: On the fence with that one. On one hand, it's great for getting the word out. On the other, It can hurt the band. 

The Micwhat is the process of making a cd? 
Of David: A lot of time and a ton of patience for starters. You have to be willing to spend several hours doing the same things over and over till you get them done just right. We started with the drums and moved to lead guitar. After that was done we did the bass guitar and finally the vocals and keyboards. All that took about 2 weeks. Each instrument took about a day or more. The vocals took the longest. Once the recordings are done you have to set the EQ for everything and mix it all down. There are some "secret" studio tricks that took a day or two also. Once all that's done, the songs get mastered. That's where they set the volumes for everything and set the times and markers for the songs on the CD.


Corner Café 
with Rachel Mains 

Of David, revolutionary, bigger than life, high-energy, not your average heavy metal band, is a must hear in the Christian music world. Tony – lead vocals, Josh - guitars, Steve – Bass, and Greg – drums, all have something in common: humble hearts pumping with the love of Jesus. They’re taking their music to the streets melting away the toughness of the “bar crowd” or stripping away the chains of legalism & religion of the “churched.” Either way, they’ll ROCK YOUR WORLD and make you want to drum to a different beat – the beat of true religion; undefiled, authentic, and marked with the Gospel of peace and truth. 

Corner Café: Your Local Christian Music Program 
Airs every Saturday @ 10AM on 560 KLZ AM. 
Listen online:


Colorado Music Buzz
Who's Making Noise: Of David
by Doug Newville

Of David is two-parts faith, plus one-part heavy metal shred. This Christian rock/metal band out of Aurora is currently setting the pace for the other Colorado bands in their genre. Of David is a four-piece who take their musical influence from bands like Pillar, Red, 12 Stones, Demon Hunter, and even 80s rockers 707. Having just finished recording their new self titled EP at Rudy’s Studio in Denver, Of David is prepping themselves for a major push into the metal market.

Of David was formed in lead singer Tony’s basement six years ago. “I was just plinking around in my basement with a keyboard and came up with this riff that my wife thought was really cool. I shared it with a buddy of mine and it was the ‘Let’s start a band!’ moment.” When we first got started we were called Eye to Eye, but after several line up changes we wanted to re-identify ourselves as a band, and that’s when we went with Of David.” The best thing about Of David is the level of professionalism they present in every arena they compete in. Their stage show is a powerful one that excites the audience. Their mastery of their instruments is mesmerizing: Check out the video of Josh’s crazy guitar work on their MySpace. And speaking of web design, Of David’s is first class. This is a band who has taken very informed and calculated steps to launch themselves into the national scene. “Our desire to do the music isn’t just for fun. It isn’t to be (quote-unquote) famous. It’s like an instinct. Something we have to do - all of us. Without it we would feel sick, like the biggest part of us was missing. It’s incredible how much of an absolute drive it is.” 